This is a study I've made for perfecting some 3D techniques, such as work with isometric cameras, animate vehicles, texture maps and shape keys. I animated in Blender 2.82 and did the post-production in Adobe After Effects.

The real challenge here was to think how the building would expand itself without changing the geometry. The solution turns out to be using multiple meshes with shape keys to better control the expansions of the windows and building floors. The road is a simple geometry animated with some constraints and the rest of the scene assets were just a classical "scale up" animation with simple "eases''.

The vehicles also presented a challenge because of the path animation. It's not easy to manipulate their weight momentum within keyframes.

Nevertheless, it was really fun to do, especially because of the EEVEE render engine, which allows visualization of lighting in real time.
Below are some concept images I've made in Photoshop to better visualize the overall animation before start modeling it in 3D.

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